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Böhmy is an emulation of the original Dr. Böhm drum-machine of the 70s.

Download Böhmy

You may download the Reaktor5-Ensemble of Böhmy (737 KB) for free (created with Reaktor 5.5).

Download MP3-Demos of Böhmy

  • Boehm Chacha - Boehmy Chacha.mp3 - (0.6 MB) Here you hear a comparison between the original hardware and Böhmy. First you hear the original Cha-Cha-rhythm, then the Böhmy equivalent, then the original again and then again Böhmy.

Description of Böhmy

What are the differences between the original and Böhmy?
  • You can play all 15 (!) sounds manually with the pads on Page B and with a midi-keyboard (on the gm-standard-position (channel 1) - as far as possible). They all mute the corresponding drum-sounds during playing, as the original did.
  • Every sound has a stereo-position. The original was pure mono.
  • You may tune each sound 6 halftones down or 5 halftones up, which was impossible with the original.
  • The volume can be set for each sound individually. In the original version this was only possible for the bass-drum.
  • And of course, you can program your own patterns. In the original, all patterns were fix, even though on some records self-made drum-patterns could be heard - perhaps Böhm himself had a programmable version of it in his labs.
  • You may choose other measures than 3/4 (i.e. 6/8) or 4/4 (i.e 8/8), namely 5/8 and 7/8.
    The sound-names were invented by me - most of the original sounds didn't have any names, and the others were in German.

History of Böhmy

This was not the first attempt to recreate this classic drum-machine. I programmed Böhmy already in 2002 as a Visual-Basic-application. It had exchangable skins and you could even manipulate all the samples of the original drum-machine individually.

Here you can see the original parts fitted in a single case:
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